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PTSP – Numark PT01 Spare Parts

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Image of PTSP – Numark PT01 Spare Parts
  • Image of PTSP – Numark PT01 Spare Parts
  • Image of PTSP – Numark PT01 Spare Parts
  • Image of PTSP – Numark PT01 Spare Parts
  • Image of PTSP – Numark PT01 Spare Parts

Official spare parts for your PT01 Scratch!

When venturing into modifications, lost parts, or you have an issue with your portable turntable, plus your out of warranty - for example, installing the likes of the Jesse Dean JDDX2RS fader, cut the wrong wire or you may be using the default scratch switch and damaged the plug connection and cabling when rotating…..

Anyway, if you’re happy to open the turntable up in the first instance, then there should be no issue in replacing these products on the PT01 Scratch!

Main Assembly Board
A ‘snap’ board with various assembly parts, from line outs to the tone arm switch board. Simply ‘snap’ off the board that is required!
Part number: TWPC16P00601

Control Assembly Board
The audio, tone and pitch control board. Preparation instructions for the board can be found here.
Part number: TWPC16P00701

USB Assembly Board
The USB, audio in and mains power connection board.
Part number: TWPC16P00901

Tonearm Assembly
The tonearm with cartridge and stylus.
Part number: PA1003010B

Tonearm Clip
The tonearm clip that clamps down the tonearm assembly.
Part number: PT320360302

Power Adapter
The certified 12VAC 300mA 230V power adapter (UK).
Part number: TF41021402UK

Cartridge and Stylus
A replaceable cartridge and stylus.
Part number: CZ-800-10

A replaceable belt for the platter drive.
Part number: BE09604506B

A replaceable top cover for your turntable with cover lock.
Part number: PT323010105

Cover Lock
A replaceable slide cover lock for your top cover.
Part number: PT320440201

Battery Cover
A replaceable battery cover slide plate.
Part number: PT320460102

Replaceable knobs for your rotary dials.
Part number: BART-K00701

45 Adapter
A replaceable 45 adapter wheel.
Part number: PT320220101


PT01 opening/closing assistance and instructions can be found here.

There is no warranty available for any of these products. They are only available for self repair and/or self modifications.


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